We are able to support with all aspects of personal care throughout the day, should the individual, be recently discharged from hospital we are able to support with achieving the individual regaining all confidence and independence once again.

We will assist the individual to regain mobility and strength, by assisting daily with mobility and activities, all carers will ensure the safety of the individual is paramount when mobilizing.

We can ensure the individual receives a through wash, either bath shower, or full body wash, daily, the routine will be person centred around the individuals needs and wishes, from washing in a particular way, to a favourite pair of slippers being worn for that day, with dignity, privacy, and individuality being respected at all times.

Our carer’s are a really friendly and caring bunch who will always introduce themselves; we like to keep a consistent number of carers, who become very familiar to the individual, enabling a good healthy working relationship. A mixture of male and female carers,

Our carers will gain a good understanding of the individuals needs and requirements, including health issues, and general well-being, all carers will report and record on a daily basis, to eliminate any serious cause for concern.

Carers will ensure that the individual’s drinks continuously, to reduce the risk of UTI, carers will also be mindful of the fluid intake required in between calls and leave an accessible glass or jug of water or drink of choice within reach.

All carers will ensure that they respond well to individual’s questions, listening to their concerns and being courteous at all times, all carers will ensure that they have the individual’s best interests at all times, when bathing they will ensure that the individuals privacy is paramount, carers will adhere to the care plan which has been devised in a person centred way, and that they are talked through the task step by step so that there is no misunderstanding.

We believe that all people should have the opportunity and support to live happy and healthy lives through equal access to appropriate prevention, treatment and rehabilitation services. Enable individuals to make informed personal choices with the aim of promoting healthy lifestyles. We know that supporting people to make lifestyle changes and get active helps reduce isolation, improves health and creates greater independence.

We promote the understanding of a healthy diet, offering a variety of balanced foods and drinks. Encourage individuals to develop knowledge and skills to make healthy food choices and help to establish healthy eating habits. Encourage a development of an appreciation that eating can be an enjoyable activity. Regular water and fluid intake is vital to ensure people remain well hydrated. It can help stimulate the appetite, assist in nutrients being absorbed by the body. We will ensure that people have access to a choice of food that is adequate in amount and of good quality, is well prepared in a safe environment, meets any specific dietary, cultural and religious requirements, and is provided in an environment conducive to eating.

We support people to maintain their personal hygiene and appearance, and their living environment, to the standards that they want. When providing support with personal care, we take the individual’s lifestyle choices into consideration – respect their choice of dress and hairstyle, for example. We don’t make assumptions about appropriate standards of hygiene for individuals and we do take cultural factors into consideration during needs assessment. Personal hygiene is personal. Everybody has their own habits and standards that they have been taught or that they have learned from others. Individuals are encouraged to maintain safe and hygienic practices and their importance to health and wellbeing and apply these in practical activities and everyday routines including good oral health.

It’s important to support the individual we care for to be as independent as possible with their medicines. Individuals should at the heart of decisions about any medicines they may need and to support them wherever possible to administer medication themselves and they have a right to confidentiality.
Staffs will always read the instructions on the packaging or blister pack before giving medicines to anyone. They should always be given either according to the instructions or as advised by whoever prescribed them.
Instructions for when and how to give medication should be clear. It’s important to give medicines at the recommended time of day. Not doing this can make them less effective. We will also know whether or not the medicines should be taken with food or in between meals, and make sure medicines are all kept in one place in the home, preferably in a cupboard or drawer that can be locked. We will also ensure repeat prescriptions are dispensed in time so the person we are looking after doesn’t run out of medication.

Personal care


Our team of experienced carers can provide support with day-to-day tasks, including washing, bathing, showering and getting dressed.

We understand that dignity and respect is important to all our clients and our staff have been trained on how best to assist with personal care, including helping individuals who have a catheter or stoma fitted.

Assisting with medication


At Home With You recognises that it can be difficult for some people to administer their own medication.

Difficulties can include reading the labels, managing packaging and remembering to take the right dose at the right time. For these reasons, many individuals have to rely on the help of relatives and friends.

Our carers are fully trained in administering medication and available to assist as required, whether the help is needed on a daily basis or temporarily.



Many of our clients benefit a great deal from our shopping service.

Carers can travel out to buy food, toiletries or any other items you may need.

Wherever possible, you are welcome to accompany your carer on the trip, which will allow you to pick out the items you want and maintain your independence.

Prescription collecting


Collecting prescriptions is an essential but often time-consuming task.

Planning your route, following bus time tables or arranging a taxi to pick up, wait and return takes time. And there can also be considerable cost involved.

At Home With You can provide a carer to collect your prescription from the doctors, take it to the pharmacy of your choice and collect the medicine before returning it to you.

Meal preparation


What you eat each day can make a big difference to your health, how you look, feel, and, of course, your enjoyment of food.

At Home With You promotes healthy eating and can offer support and assistance in the preparation of vegetables, cooking and dietary requirements.

Light household duties


We believe that people are happiest in their own homes. However, our team appreciates that certain household tasks can be difficult to manage, especially for the elderly or those with specific needs.

We offer a service where a home carer will carry out the more difficult chores such as ironing, putting the bins out, laundry, vacuuming, making the bed, and light cleaning duties.

This support can allow you to carry on enjoying your life in familiar surroundings.

Respite care


There are over a million people in the UK who care for a loved one on a full-time basis. This can be a physically and mentally demanding role, even for someone who has been doing it for many years.

We are often able to provide respite care, allowing family members or carers to have the occasional break. This can last anything from a few days to several weeks and allows carers to return to their duties feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

Our team takes pride in a friendly, sympathetic approach and we will ensure the carer is suitably matched to provide the best possible support.



At Home With You understands that sometimes people can feel lonely and isolated, particularly if they are elderly or live on their own.

Activities that you previously used to enjoy may no longer be accessible, and this can lead to spending more time by yourself.

Our team of friendly and experienced carers can help you retain your social networks and carry on enjoying life to the full.

We can take you, and pick you up, from a day centre or other meeting place, or just spend time with you as a confidant and friend.

Designed around you


Everyone is different. That’s why we consider what you want to get from our assistance, then work with you to provide exactly the right support.

We also know that small things make a huge difference to your quality of life. Whether it’s how you like your eggs cooked or the way you want your bed made, we listen to you, so everything is just right.