Thank you so much for looking after my viv and to all of you that came on Tuesday to her funeral to say your goodbyes. I really do appriciate your kindess, love and best wishes Ray xxx



Sharon And Baz

During a regular routine spot check visit At Home With You asked Mrs D how she felt her care was going. Shirley expressed how happy she was with the carers that the company have put in place. Shirley then went on to say how she feels that the carers have played a great part in helping her get physically better ad that her general well-being has improved significantly and this intern has promoted her independence. Shirley wished for us to mention that she is continually happy with the consistent carers she has grown to bond with. Shirley likes the company and the carers are very confident and are eager to engage in conversation. Shirley then went on the state that she was happy with the level and standard of care that we have set whilst delivering all care tasks.

Shirley mentioned that she is happy, that when she phones with any enquiries or issues that we have them solved swiftly and with a high standard. She also mentions that she likes the fact that the company communicates well with her family. Shirley would like to mention and name her certain carers who are Lisa Bailey, Paige West, Noor Marawhat. She went on the explain that they reminded Shirley of her own daughters and how she feels comfortable and reassured and confident that they are there. Shirley did express her feelings on how extremely happy she is with all aspects of care and never wishes to move company.

Shriley D

I must say thank you so much for all your detailed information sent to me with regards to my daughter’s health. Being in California this has reassured my wife and I. This gave us great comfort in knowing that we had the best care for our daughter when we were in an unfortunate position not to be able to provide that for her.

As you are aware now our daughter was very sick and passed away and however sad this is it seems for the first time Kelli was actually receive the care she needs. A large part of this goes to you the company and your team. Much of it was due to a fantastic relationship you build with my daughter and us and going above and beyond the call and for that we are eternally grateful. Kelli is now in the good hands of the Lord. I would like to also thank last night’s minister from St. James Anglican church in Mere Green and his congregation.

Warm Wishes.

Robert C
Father of Ex Client

Dear At Home With You,
Just a quick note to say thank you to all your carers for all their support and kindness, I could not have managed without you, this will be our last visit on the evening call and we are both very grateful to you all and will miss you dearly.
Please excuse my hand writing as I did not have my writing pad to hand, its upstairs.

Kind Regards,
Betty and Tony Fisher.

Mr and Mrs Fisher
Ex Clients

To Sharon and all the staff from At Home With You.

I would like to thank each and everyone of you for all your help in the money that was raised for our special needs disco, it means so much to us. With the money you have raised the special needs adult disco would like to purchase a bubble machine and new speakers. Without your donation of £200 we would not be able to have these.
So once again thank you for all your kindness and making the night even more special.

Thank you,
Rosie xxx

Peachy Keens Special Needs Disco

Hey, Sorry for the delayed reply, the email I received from your company was so lovely and although my time was short with you I have learned a great deal and have met some fantastic new people, but unfortunately due to my heath I can no longer work for you I would like to take this time to thank you for being such a great company to work for, especially the out of hours on call service. I have to say it’s the best I’ve worked with so far. I will absolutely be speaking the good words about your company to many carers and supports workers and refer on anyone I know who are looking for a well lead company or someone who is looking for a career in care.

Carlie S
Ex Staff Member

Dear All,
I would like to thank all of you for the kindness and support shown to me. A Personal thank you to all my carers, especially my main carers Nancie, Paige and Noor.

Thank you so much,

Your Shelia xxxx

Shelia Palmer
One of our dearest Clients

I would like to thanks Sharon for your swift actions regarding Mrs. ~Evans. You have kept me up-to-date throughout the time you have been supporting her and have gone above and beyond to ensure that Mrs. Evans is appropriately supported. I clearly see you have tried to follow her wishes and choices throughout her care packages and for this I very much appreciate.
Thanks again for keeping me well informed throughout.
I wish yourself all the luck for the future.

Gemma H
Student Social Worker

Hi Jack,
I wanted to say thank you for the company At Home With You Ltd for being so flexible for the packages of care you have for Mr CP.
We are all aware of how difficult this was going to be and we are very pleased to say your staff were so willing to please and so hardworking to make Mr. Ps home more habitable.
I’m sure Mr.P appreciates it as much as we do. I can honestly say as a company you went out of your way to accommodate Mr.P; including purchasing all cleaning products to which you had to wait to be reimburse. It is so great to see a company that is willing to put a person and the circumstances first.
Keep up the good work, especially the way you person centre your care and kindness.

Jackie W
Birmingham City Council Senior Social Care Facilitator

Good Afternoon,
Nigel has called to say that sadly William passed away this morning in hospital. Nigel and his family have asked me to thank all of you for your continued kind help and assistance. Particularly for the kindness and patience of all your staff through this difficult time.
Kind Regards, Theresa.

Theresa S
Social Worker Birmingham City Council

I would like to thank Sharon for your swift actions regarding Mrs Evans, you have kept me up to date throughout the time you have been supporting her, and gone above and beyond to ensure
Mrs Evans is appropriately supported, and tried to follow her wishes and choices throughout her care package. I very much appreciate this, and keeping me well informed throughout.

I wish yourselves all the luck for the future.

Mrs Evans
Social Worker

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